Lessons with Charlotte


I maintain a small studio of students of a wide range of skill levels and ages who want to  discover the strength and beauty of their own voices. I believe everyone can (and should) sing, and that no one is truly tone-deaf. I believe the most important skills for singers - physical relaxation and awareness, being in touch with your breath and your feelings - are also crucial in living a fulfilled life. 

My method takes concepts from bel canto, Alexander technique, and lessons I’ve learned over 8 years of teaching voice and singing professionally in a wide range of styles and contexts. I like to work on a mix of whatever songs my student loves and repertoire I know will strengthen their vocal skills and musical understanding.  I understand that singing in front of another person can be both deeply satisfying and deeply scary, and I make it a priority to help all of my students feel safe and accepted. 

Lessons are typically an hour long and occur weekly in students’ homes, workplaces or via skype. 

Please email me for more information.

Wondering if singing lessons are worth the expense? Feeling nervous? Consider this: 

Singing has been shown to have serious positive effects on the brain, including the release of endorphins (linked with pleasure) and oxytocin (linked with alleviation of anxiety and stress)(source). If you stick with it, accumulated vocal training increases activation of the basal ganglia, which are responsible for voluntary motor control, procedural learning, and cognitive and emotional functions (source). 



“I started singing lessons with Charlotte as a complete novice with no musical background and feel like I lucked out finding her. She's an excellent, patient teacher that lets you go in directions you want and makes other paths seem accessible. A lot of our classes would be me playing a song I liked, envying Charlotte as she instantly deciphered the notes, and then learning it back in key. It was super fun. Highly recommended.” - Andreas V.

“The combination of her ability to communicate musicality and her assiduous study of scores, texts, and other important materials make both her teaching and performing compelling at the highest level. Her instruction comes from a place of deep knowledge and also deep kindness, I would absolutely recommend studying with Charlotte.” - Laura C.