November so far

Oh how I love the productive, inspiring busy-ness of November. Here's a log of what I've done so far this month:

I went to Chicago! I came face to face with amazing sea creatures at the Shedd Aquarium, ate a Chicago-style hotdog, and heard Oracle Hysterical perform their newest album, Hecuba, with a live orchestra. I loved it, everything about that performance was so sweeping and so right. You should see the video for Where Did You Go, possibly my favourite song of the whole cycle. 


I was lucky enough to get to sing Three Voices at Constellation while I was there, too. I had a fun time and a really appreciative audience, and got a bracingly opinionated 'recommendation' from It opens with, "Let’s be honest. Morton Feldman’s music, in the main, is a Sargasso Sea of isolated pianissimo notes that bore most people to tears, sleep, or—worst for new music—dismissal." Obviously I strongly disagree, but it's a nice use of metaphor.

The following week included singing with The Knells in Baltimore, twice performing A Midsummer Night's Dream with New Place Players, hosting the debut of a new concert series I'm curating at the Brown Institute for Media Innovation (a success thanks to the amazing microtonal perfection of Miranda Cuckson and Paul Dwyer), and premiering Whirlpools by Fjòla Evans for three voices and four theremins (I got to play two of the theremins! and wear face paint and a glowing scarf [pictured]!). 

For the remainder of the month, I'll be learning a whole bunch of new music, rehearsing for a play about Connie Converse, and making moules every other night because they're so delicious. I'll try and update this page more regularly, too. You stay warm, now.