Hello, 2015

Ah, December & January. The ending of one year and beginning of the next. We are now exiting what is possibly the most exciting time of year - tons of carols, presents, and rich food is followed immediately by lots of resolutions, light food, and if you are a performing artist in NYC, APAP. And then, it's all over and you feel a little sad. No, wait, you don’t! You keep making music and you feel great!

Here are some highlights from the past two months:

1) Playing some really, really good new music by the Columbia Composers Collective with Tak. 

3) improvising a live score to a nature documentary (narrated by David Attenborough, naturally) with the Brothers Balliett

2) playing house band with Tak in Tele-violet’s play-in-progress, Power of Emotion, at the Under The Radar Festival, while wearing a sparkly green ruff (pictured)

3) Other APAP-period fun - singing in a condensed preview of SHORE, and seeing a few new plays and operas. My faves were Brickman, Brando, Bubble Boom, and Winter’s Child.

4) Singing music that looks like this:

with Ekmeles. (called sharp-eared and fearless by the New Yorker!)

5) Discovering new podcasts. Sometimes you have an hour long subway ride ahead of you, and you're just too brain-fried to read. In those instances, I say the best thing to do is listen to Radiolab, Savage Love, OK Radio, Nerdist, Call Your Girlfriend or Canadaland. 

ok. I’m off to practice Pierrot Lunaire. Stay warm!