What I did over summer break

1) Sang a program of awesome, new-to-me rep for voice and electronics by Natacha Diels, Jagoda Szmytka and Bryan Jacobs, with some more familiar rep by Stuart Breczinski and John Cage


2) Spent ten days in New Hampshire with TAK learning music by Lewis Nielson and Mario Diaz de Leon

3) Developed some new music with Ray Lustig for his opera-in-progress, Semmelweiss (he made the teaser video clip at the top of this post)

4) Performed a program of Balliett, de Falla and The Beatles in Pennsylvania with Jordan, Christine and Caroline

5) Made some top-secret plans for future projects

6) Recorded a song by Amos

7) Experienced Rooselvelt Island and fun, inspiring performances by Deerhoof and Theo Bleckmann and Taylor Mac

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