8 reasons why I can't wait for Sept. 8

1) TAK - my favourite group of co-conspirators. WQXR recently described us as a "titillating" ensemble that "impresses with the organicity of their sound, their dynamism and virtuosity β€” and, well, just a dash of IDGAF as they slay the thorniest material like it’s nothing"

2) Erin Gee - when she writes for voice and ensemble, it's like that little nonsense song you sing while doing the dishes unexpectedly morphs into a mercurial alien life form and begins caressing every soap bubble in the sink. TAK will premiere a new piece by her on Sept. 8.

3) Doug Balliett - writes the songs that Paul McCartney would've written if he grew up in Baroque Italy and also loved Schumann and Aesop Rock. TAK will premiere a new piece by him on Sept. 8.

4) Marina Kifferstein - the violinist in TAK and the composer of a fun, slightly terrifying new duet for violin and voice, which we'll play on Sept. 8.

5) A piece by me - may not be as good as these other good things because I am still a baby composer. But then again I tried my best, and babies are great.  TAK will play my piece on Sept. 8.

6) Anne Carson - her poetry is simultaneously deadpan and moving, removed and intimate, cold and warm. Basically guaranteed to give you goosebumps. All the pieces TAK plays on Sept. 8 at Roulette set bits of her poem 'The Albertine Workout.'

7) Many tiny bells ringing at once, and metal objects being struck then dipped in water - two sounds you will hear on Sept. 8.

8) Frauke Albert and Sophia Burgos - two remarkable divas of the avant-garde who will be performing earlier sets on Thursday September 8 at Roulette. You should definitely come early and check them out.